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(WIKI) Shortcodes

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1 (WIKI) Shortcodes on Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:21 am


These are all the shortcodes used in you Before, Content, and After which enables you to add other content and/or functions to the post list. This is the Developers version for the list of shortcodes (list many of the current known errors and notes), the user version can be found on the user's website plugin admin page.

  • [ID] - the unique ID number of the page/post
  • [post_author] - author name of the page/post
  • [post_permalink] - the page/post permalink
  • [post_date format="m-d-Y"] - date page/post was created *1
  • [post_date_gmt format="m-d-Y"] - date page/post was created in gmt time *1
  • [post_title] - page/post title
  • [post_content] - page/post content
  • [post_excerpt length="250"] - page/post excerpt (note the optional character 'length' parameter)
    • Issues with manual post excerpts.
    • Issues with length/letter count. Change to word count.
  • [post_name] - page/post slug name
    • May change to [post_slug]
  • [post_modified format="m-d-Y"] - date page/post was last modified *1
  • [post_modified_gmt format="m-d-Y"] - date page/post was last modified in gmt time *1
  • [guid] - original URL of the page/post
    The correct term is 'guid', but this could be changed to [post_permalink] or [post_url].
  • [comment_count] - number of comments posted for this post/page.
  • [item_number offset="1" increment="1"] - the list index for each page/post. Offset parameter sets start position. Increment sets the number you want to increase on each loop.
  • [final_end] - on the final list item, everything after this shortcode will be excluded. This will allow you to have commas (or anything else) after each item except the last one.
  • [post_pdf] - URL to the page/post's PDF file. (Requires Kalin's PDF Creation Station plugin.)
  • [post_meta name="custom_field_name"] - page/post custom field value. Correct 'name' parameter required
  • [post_tags delimeter=", " links="true"] - post tags list. Optional 'delimiter' parameter sets separator text. Use optional 'links' parameter to turn off links to tag pages
  • [post_categories delimeter=", " links="true"] - post categories list. Parameters work like tag shortcode.
  • [post_parent link="true"] - post parent. Use optional 'link' parameter to turn off link
  • [post_comments before="" after=""] - post comments. Parameters represent text/HTML that will be inserted before and after comment list but will not be displayed if there are no comments. PHP coders: learn how to customize comment display (kalinbooks site).
  • [post_thumb] - URL to the page/post's featured image (requires theme support)
  • [php_function name="function_name" param=""] - call a user-defined custom function. Refer to this blog post (kalinbooks site) for instructions.

*1 Time shortcodes have an optional format parameter. Format your dates using these possible tokens: m=month, M=text month, F=full text month, d=day, D=short text Day Y=4 digit year, y=2 digit year, H=hour, i=minute, s=seconds. More tokens listed
Note: these shortcodes only work in the List item content box on this page.

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