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(Tutorial) Import/Export

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1 (Tutorial) Import/Export on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:12 am


Importing and exporting data is a very useful tool when backing up or transferring your custom post lists. Exporting from the plugin is fairly simple, but importing has two different options. One for a file 'Upload' and the other for grabbing post list data from 'Kalin's Post List Database'.

Exporting - download in the for of a .json file.
  1. (Optional) Rename the file. (default is "APL.[YEAR]-[MONTH]-[DAY]-[HOUR][MINUTE]". Note that the time goes by gmt).
  2. Click "Export" button.

Importing File - upload .json file that contains the post list data.
  1. If needed, select the "Upload" radio.
  2. Choose File/Browse for target .json post list file.
  3. Click "Import" button.
  4. After Upload is complete, refresh page.

Importing Kalin's Post List Database - transfers users WordPress option data from Kalin's Post List option database to APL (Advanced Post List) option database.
(Important) It is highly recommended that you leave Kalin's Post List plugin running. If you do decide to deactivate the plugin, make sure you have "Upon plugin deactivation clean up all database entries" unchecked. Otherwise there will be no data to grab from the database.
  1. Select the 'Kalin's Post List Database' radio.
  2. Click "Import" button.
  3. After Upload is complete, refresh page.

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