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Project 0.3 - Custom Post Types & Taxonomies (UPDATED 3/18)

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Written on 2/21
Recently, I've touched up on the scripting part of the plugin to take advantage of wp_enqueue_script (...and style) method. This will allow additional scripts to be easily and safely added later on. At the moment, with the project focusing on multiple post types and taxonomies, I plan on using the jQuery UI, and I'll be adding the accordion and the tabs features.

The accordion will be used for the various post types and will contain two tabbed boxes that will have multiple tabs according to the amount of hierarchical (categories) and non-hierarchical (tags) there are. I also plan on preserving categories structure and add a collapse feature to it. The according for multiple post types should provide a more fluid and compact alternative. The idea at first was to only add a collapse effect, but could easily become bulking to the user. Even knowing the according will only show one tab at a time, it should provide a better layout for it. I'll still keep the 'Require (categories/tags)' setting within the taxonomies.

The scripting portion of the plugin was the first and foremost important part, it should make the layout/feature design go a lot smoother...and as a developer, it helps me to write less code and do more with it. Seeing how simple it is with jQuery UI, I may be able to eventually give everyone the option to use it in their post list designs.

jQuery UI - Accordion
jQuery UI - Tabs

Written on 3/18
Last few weeks has been a slow process, but I've been taking my time to think things over. So far, this is what I've come up with...

Each 'Post Type' is split up into seperate accordions, and allows only one post type to be viewed to keep the size static. Within each one, you can require and/or include the post type name, view categories and tags (which also has the require and include functionality), and within the page sections you can choose a page parent to create a post list.

I'm still debating whether or not to allow selecting multiple parents, but I won't know for sure until I see how listing posts will be designed.

Which btw, after viewing how the funtions for listing the posts with custom post types and taxonomies will work. The get_posts function that the plugin currently uses will have to be replaced with WP_Query. So for those that use pagination, this may or may not fix the issues related.

Written on 4/9
As you may know, there's already a beta version out to test out some of the bug that may occur. For the most part it is a working version, but I strongly advise people to back up their data and/or test it on a separate site.

I decided to take out the include and require post type since there was no pretty much was no point for the simple fact that each post or page only has one post type, but I did add a require taxonomy setting since it was part of the built-in wordpress filter settings.

I decided to switch to WP_Query class instead of the get_posts() function, and create a shadow class (APLQuery) of WP_Query. Later on I plan on adding other filter and sorting methods that are not included in WordPress.

...And for those that have been wondering. I do plan on updating the shortcodes.
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