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Next Project: Custom Taxonomies Support (NEED FEEDBACK)

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The next major project i have in mind is supporting custom taxonomies. In order to do add that, i have to change the layout. My question to you is...what kind of layout did you have in mind?

Idea Example #1
Cat1 Cat2 Cat3
Cat4 Null/Empty Null/Empty
Tag1 Tag2 Null/Empty

2 Layout suggestions on Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:28 am


Hi There,

First of all, I'm happy to see that that this plugin is still in development. I tried to comment on it in the past through and the WordPress forums, but I got no reply. Or indeed any indication it was actually read by anyone.

I believe that the best layout would be either multi-page or (preferably) tabbed.

I think there should be at least three tabs/pages:

1. Presets (where you load/save/delete/import/export presets)
2. Preset Options (where you define the actual HTML and shortcodes for the currently loaded preset)
3. Preview (where -obviously- you see the a preview of the list)


I thought of a tabbed layout, and its nice to see someone else mention it.

I would comment further about the admin layout, but unfortunately it looks like your post isn't quite related to the thread (custom categories/tags).

I actually haven't seen any messages or posts on and I reply to all the WordPress topics (Tag: Advanced-Post-List). The message system on both sites seemed unreliable. Which made me go back to a forum system. Little old but reliable.

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