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Some bugs & comments

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1 Some bugs & comments on Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:16 am


(I initially posted this in Kalin’s post List WordPress Plugin, but I was informed that Kalin does not develop the plugin any more.)

I love the flexibility and power of this plugin, but I found a couple of minor issues:
First, the [post_excerpt] does not play well with UTF-8*. It severs double-byte characters, resulting in an unreadable character in the end of the excerpt, just before the ellipsis. For example, “Αθήνα…” becomes “Αθήν�…”

*UTF-8 uses an adaptable system with multiple bytes for each letter, which to old software would look like two (or more) individual ASCII characters. So when you truncate the text, you run the risk of separating a two-byte pair, resulting in an unreadable character.
The reason why you did not notice this issue with latin languages, is because in the latin alphabet only the first byte is used.
You can find more information here:
A better approach would be to set the excerpt limit to words, not characters, by counting spaces. This way no words would be truncated, and the UTF-8 issue would be solved.

Secondly, it does not show categories from custom taxonomies, even when you select the custom taxonomy post type in the menu.

For example, I use All-in-one Event Calendar, which creates a custom taxonomy for its events and categories. Although I can select the custom post type in the Advanced Post List Settings page, the custom categories are not shown in the category list.

2 Re: Some bugs & comments on Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:10 am


Yea, I saw that comment lol. Even knowing Kalin pretty much moved on from supporting the plugin, I still go to his website every now and then to see what kind of feedback there is for the alternate version. So far, working on this plugin has been a blast. It very simple in programming terms, but very flexible in for site developers.

The issues that you mentioned are already known issues, and are already on the todo list. Unfortunately, its one at a time, and right now there's some critical features (and a few bugs) that have a higher priority than others.

I don't think I will tackle the shortcode issues until after or right before version 1.0.0. Its driving me a lil nuts too, especially with the [post_excerpt] length parameter. The functions are coded in Regular Expressions, and I never really dealt with them until this plugin. It doesn't look that complicated to learn, but i'm still working down the list.

The custom taxonomies support will more than likely be my next project. There's various ideas that I have, but I mainly wanted to see what kind of layout styles other people have in mind first.

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