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  • Post Type - Choose what kind of content you want to display.
    • Pages - current public WordPress pages.
    • Posts - current public WordPress posts.
    • Attachments - Media attachments that are used to display images.
    • None - Strips most of the controls and allows you to create templates for your pages/posts.
    • All - combination of pages, posts, and attachments.
    • (other plugins) - Unknown.

  • Show Count - the amount of pages/posts/attachments you want to display within the list.
    • -1 - display all content (no limit).
    • 0 - nothing within "List item content" is displayed.
    • +X - display X number of content.

  • Order by - Choose between various ways to sort the post list.
    • Combo Box 1
      • Date - The date that the posts/pages were published.
      • Modified Date - The date that the posts/pages were edited.
      • Title - the title of the post/page.
      • ID - the id of the posts/pages.
      • Author ID - the author who submitted the posts/pages.
      • Parent - Unknown
      • Menu Order - Unknown
      • Random - sorts in a random order.
      • Comment Count - the number of comments of the posts/pages.

    • Combo Box 2
      • Descending - Z to A, 0 to 9, most recent first, etc.
      • Ascending - A to Z, 9 to 0, oldest first, etc.

  • Parent - When "Post Type" contains 'Pages' or 'All', you can choose which where to extract content within the page hierarchy. By default, this is hidden
    • Any or None - Show all pages.
    • Current Page - Show children pages of the current page that the post list shortcode is displayed on.
    • (Pages) - Show children pages of the selected page.

  • Before list HTML - Add any html, css, and/or javascript code you want to add before the content loop. Any shortcodes used in here will refer to the current post/page.
  • List item content - This is where you will be looping through your list design multiple times ('Show Count' amount) creating the main part of your post list. Any shortcodes used in here will refer to the posts/pages that are being fetched.
  • After list HTML - Same as 'Before list HTML'. Mainly used to close statements.
  • Exclude current post from results - check this to prevent the current post that the post_list shortcode is on.
  • Save Preset - Save your preset designs
    • Preset Name - unique name to save as.

  • Preset Name - Unique name inputted by the user.
  • Show Preview - check this to display a preview of the post_list being saved.

  • Preset List Table - Contains all the presets within the database that are ready to use.
    • ID - Unique value automatically given.
    • Preset Name - Unique name given by the user.
    • Load - Load the preset data to the edit section above.
    • Download - Download individual presets.
    • Delete - Remove preset from table.
    • Shortcode - Sample of shortcode.

  • PHP Code - Hard coded sample to display the post list anywhere within the website. Just copy and paste this within your theme.

  • Settings - General core options used in the plugin. Many more settings will be added to future updates.
    • Delete database upon deactivation - If yes, deletes saved data from wordpress when the plugin is deactivated. Otherwise data will remain until the plugin is uninstalled.

    Export Data - Creates a download JSON file containing the developer's plugin preset data
    • Filename - the file name that will be downloaded. A name is initially created according to the time the page was loaded.
    • Export button - Submits the Export form.

  • Import Data - Load a pre-existing database from a source.
    • Upload - load a file from the computer to the plugin database.
      • Computer File Directory - locate the target JSON file to upload from your computer. Any other file extension is restricted from being uploaded.

    • Kalins Post List Database - Transfer data from one plugin to the other.

  • Restore Preset Defaults - Restore the original presets that may have been deleted. Clicking this won't delete your database, and will just add the original presets.

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